About Us

About Us

Aktül Kağıt started to produce tissue paper from 100% pure cellulose in 2011 in Pamukova/Sakarya. Established on a total area of 186.615 m2, with open area of 115,644 m2 and closed area of 70.971 m2, Aktül Kağıt has an annual paper production capacity of 210,000 tons, with a converting production capacity of 160,000 tons. In 2021, it broke a world record by producing 75,276 tons of paper per year with the KM-1 machine, which is one of the 3 paper machines it owns.

Since its establishment, the company has considered working at high quality standards as one of its pillars, and adopted an environmentally friendly production approach by integrating high technology, modern production and management systems with its sustainability approach as supported by its strong R&D and quality assurance structure.

With the "Visconip Technology" used for the first time in the Turkish market it has become a pioneer in the paper industry in the country, and increases its production capacity with new investments every day in order to supply products to the customers at world standards, and, the Company, currently exporting its products to 60 countries, meets the consumers' demand for toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and handkerchiefs, and the converting facilities’ demand for the high quality semi-finished products needs.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable success for our customers with quality and innovative solutions.

Our Vision

To make a difference for our customers and stakeholders with environmentally friendly, sustainable, quality products together with our high technology, modern production and management systems.

Our Values
We Produce Prıme Qualıty

We Provide high quality products and powerful brands that are easily accessible to our customers with best-in-class service. We follow the best practices in the sector and aim to do better. We continuously raise the quality in production and service stages.

We are Competıtıve
We Succeed Together
We are Result-Orıented
We Derıve Our Strength from Change