Respect to People, Respect to the Envıronment

Respect to People, Respect to the Environment, We Bequeath a Legacy for the Future.

Corporate Sustaınabılıty

We Take Responsibility for the Future with an Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Production.

Latest Technology Product Qualıty

We Offer Superior Service Quality with Latest Technological Equipment.

A Good Future ıs Worth Them

It is our greatest responsibility to leave a beautiful world to the children of the future.

Innovatıve Solutıons Makıng Lıfe Easıer

We Make Life Easier With Our Quality Products.

Technology and Innovatıon

We Proceed with the Power of Technology and Innovation in All Our Processes.

About Us

Aktül Kağıt started to produce tissue paper from 100% pure cellulose in 2011 in Pamukova/Sakarya. Established on a total area of 186.615 m2, with open area of 115,644 m2 and closed area of 70.971 m2, Aktül Kağıt has an annual paper production capacity of 210,000 tons, with a converting production capacity of 160,000 tons. In 2021, it broke a world record by producing 75,276 tons of paper per year with the KM-1 machine, which is one of the 3 paper machines it owns.

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Our Products

As Aktül Kagit, we produces semi-finished product for converting facilities.It produces different specs of toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and handkerchiefs to private label.With its own brand Belinno, it brings its products to consumers in 4 segments: Deluxe, Standard, Economy and Professional.