Management Systems Standards

Every product are produced in our facility in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 50001: 2011, ISO 270001: 2013 Management System Standards.

Sustainability is our commitment for next generations.

We produce all our products in a way that does not harm the environment and human by opting for technologies for the protection of ecological balance and the more efficient use of natural resources.

Belinno Softens Life

Belinno Deluxe


Aktül Paper meets consumer expectations with the products of Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, Napkin and Handkerchief produces high quality and hygienic products with advanced technology in Consumer Products, Away From Home and Private Label Categories.

Aktül Kağıt is able to produce all kinds of tissue paper in order to meet the demands of the parent reels customers.

Away From Home

Aktül Kağıt supports sustainable success of customers by providing innovative and practical solutions in the Away-from-Home market with industrial products and meets the needs of customers with qualified products.

Consumer Products

Aktül Kağıt meets customer demands with Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, Napkin and Handkerchief products which are produced in Premium, Standard and Economic segments in the Consumer Products Category, while providing quality and hygienic products to consumers.

Jumbo Rolls

Aktül Kağıt is able to produce all kinds of tissue paper semi-products at high quality standards in line with customer requests for the national and international converting facilities.

Private Label Products

Aktül Kağıt manufactures Private Label Products for national and international chain markets.

News & Announcements

Aktül Kağıt is first representative of the sector receving the National Environment Label
11 January 2018

After Aktül Kağıt was awarded the "EU Ecolabel" by the UK Ministry of Environment in 2018, worked in partnership with the T.C. Ministry…

Aktül Kağıt is now "Baby-Friendly" workplace!
03 May 2019

Aktül Kağıt assumed the title of 'Baby-Friendly' workplace by the Provincial Directorate of Health hence supporting our working mothers d…

Tissue World Milan 2019
02 April 2019

Aktül Kağıt was in Tissue World Milan 2019 between 25 - 27 March.

Our Mill
Production Capacity

Aktül Kağıt accepts the system as a whole and quality is the priority of everyone involved within this system. With this perspective, Aktül Kağıt was certified Quality Management Systems in its first year of production, because quality is value and respect offered to customers.

Aktül Kağıt started its operations in 2011 with tissue mill and converting facilities and is able to produce tissue paper between 14 gsm and 40 gsm from 100% virgin wood pulp.

Environmental awareness

Aktül Kağıt makes eco-friendly production by choosing technologies that use natural resources efficiently and protects ecological balance. In choosing chemicals, Aktül Kağıt prefers the ones that are deemed not harmful to human health and environment. In the context of its environmental consciousness, Aktül Kağıt stores its wastes in accordance to waste management regulations and eliminates them through licensed firms.

Our Technological Differences
Absorbent Cell Technology

Absorbent Cell Technology is technically referred as 4D Technology by its originator Fabio Perini – an Italian company- and it is an innovation in embossing. This technology brings an innovative engraving technique that maintains a good balance between the tissue’s physical parameters and in particular, strength. The tissue is embossed with patterns in different depths and angles and gain extra strength and durability without sacrificing features such as absorbency, softness and water holding capacity.

Our Technological Differences

Viscosoft Technology -named in our application- is an innovative technology developed by Valmet -a Sweedish company- with its original technical name ViscoNip. This production technology ensures that the tissue is softer and bulkier. Aktül Kağıt is an early adopter of this innovative technology by being the first company in Turkey and within top five in the world. Viscosoft Technology is an innovation with regards to product quality and process efficiency. Value added to the product is increased softness, absorbency and bulkiness. Value added to the production is energy saving and efficie…

Our Technological Differences

Aktül Kağıt’s cogeneration system is the most advanced within existing two systems in tissue paper industry in Turkey. Also, it is among the top five cogeneration systems in the tissue world. In cogeneration plant, Aktül Kağıt produces its own electrical power with natural gas through using gas turbine. The exhaust gas emerging from the gas turbine is used directly to dry the tissue paper in the air cap system and produce steam and hot water before its disposal to the atmosphere. Therefore, it is also utilized in winter for heating and in summer for cooling. In this way, the en…